At the toy shop

At The Toy Shop


Before we go with Duke and Ginger to the toy shop, we are going to learn some important adjectives to describe toys.


1.- Listen, repeat & learn!


Noisy (Ruidoso)
Quiet (Tranquilo)
Massive (Muy grande)
Small (Pequeño)
Dangerous (Peligroso)
Safe (Seguro)
Healthy (Saludable)
Unhealthy (No saludable)
Cheap (Barato)
Expensive (Caro)


1.a. Complete the table with the opposite adjectives. (Completa la tabla con los adjetivos opuestos.)

Unhealthy / Quiet / Cheap / Massive / Safe

(En todos los ejercicios, para ver la solución hacer doble click en el texto; un click vuelve a posición original)

opposite adjectives


1.b. Look at the following toys and use an adjective from the list above to describe them.

toys   toys   toys
toys   toys    



2.- Adjectives

When we want to describe something, for example, a toy, we use adjectives to describe it. Look at the following examples:

(Cuando queremos describir algo, por ejemplo, un juguete, usamos adjetivos. Mira los siguientes ejemplos:)


The bike

The bike is big and expensive.


The teddy

The teddy bear is small and cheap.


3.- Can you identify the different parts of the sentence?

The bike is big and expensive.

parts of the sentence


It is important that you learn the order of the words within the sentence.

Article / subject / verb / adjective (conjunction + adjective)

Some examples:

The doll is big
article / subject / verb / adjective

The doll is big and beautiful
article / subject / verb / adjective / conjunction / adjective

We can also use this order to describe people and places.

For example:

Ginger is tall and young.
Duke is healthy and dangerous


4.- Here are a few adjectives that you can use to describe toys, people and places


Listen, repeat & learn!

Tall (Alto)
Short (Bajo)
Fat (Gordo)
Thin (Delgado)
Historic (Histórico)
Modern (Moderno)
Interesting (Interesante)
Boring (Aburrido)
Noisy (Ruidoso)
Quiet (Tranquilo / callado)


4.a. Describe the following things. Don’t forget to follow the rules!

things   things   things
things   things   things

Describe the following things. Don’t forget to follow the rules!


5.- Duke and Ginger want to buy Foxy a birthday present

They go to the toy shop to see what they can buy.

Duke: What about this teddy bear?

Ginger: Hhhm, I like it but it’s massive and it’s too expensive.

Duke: How much is it?

Ginger: £55!

Duke: Yes, it’s too expensive.

Ginger: What about this robot?

Duke: Yes, it looks nice but it’s very noisy and dangerous!

Ginger: I agree it’s too noisy! Ok, what about this computer game?

Duke: How much is it?

Ginger: £15

Duke: Great, it’s cheap, small and looks a lot of fun!

Ginger: Let’s buy it!


5.a. You are now going to read a summary of Duke and Ginger’s conversation.

Fill in the gaps with the correct adjectives.

Fill in the gaps with the correct adjectives.


You will notice that Duke and Ginger describe some of the toys as being ‘too expensive’ or ‘too big’.

Please note:

It’s too expensive = es demasiado caro
It’s too big = es demasiado grande.


5.b. Translate the following sentences

Translate the following sentences

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