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THE KEYS (by Mrs. Wilson)

Ann Wilson is the 12th grade (18 year olds) physical education teacher at Columbus High School in Ohio. She gave Linda, one of her students, the keys to the girls´ locker room in the gym. Linda gave the keys to 2 other female students. 

When Mrs.Wilson saw Linda in the hall, she asked her (Linda) about the keys, and she (Linda) said: 

  - "I gave them (the keys) to them (the 2 students), but they (the 2 students) gave them (the keys) to Susan to give to me. She (Susan) couldn´t find me, so she gave them (the keys) to Robert, who took off the blue key from the key and gave it (the blue key) to Mr. Johnson (another teacher). Robert put the key ring in your mailbox. Mr. Johnson just gave it (the blue key) to me, and I was going to use it (the blue key) to open your mailbox to put it (the blue key) on it (the key ring) and give them (all the keys) to you. Here, take it (the blue key), and you can put it (the blue key) on it (the key ring) yourself." 

  - "Thanks, Linda," said Mrs. Wilson. "I´ve only wasted 30 minutes looking for you in order to find out that I have to waste another 10 minutes to get my keys." 

  - "You´re welcome, Mrs.Wilson. Any time you need a favor, I´ll be glad to help you." 

  - "Now you know why my hair is grey!" 


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high school bachilleratokey ring manojo de llaves
locker room vestuarioto waste malgastar
to find out descubriryourself tu mismo
hall pasilloin order to para que
to take off quitarsomebody else otra persona


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