El Gerundio - Ejercicios




1. Elige la respuesta correcta en cada caso:

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  1. I like ...
  2. I like ...
  3. After .... to the university, we went to a restaurant.
  4. ... at the university is difficult
  5. .... is normal in Madrid
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2. Completa los recuadros en blanco con el verbo en infinitivo o gerundio según corresponda:

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1)I am (enjoy) a lot!
2)He is (read) a book.
3)I have always regretted not (stay) in touch with him.
4)They got together in 1995 and then both went on (become) famous actors.
5)They decided (move) to Australia.
6)My sister in law could retire, but she keeps (work).
7)She has got a large house, but it needs (decorate) to make it more comfortable.
8)I needed (leave) class very early.
9)My favourite exercise is (swim).
10)If she takes that job it means not (see) him for months.
11)I could not think who he was, then I remembered (meet) him at a party.
12)I am happy (see) you.
13)I will never forget (dance) with her when we were in Italy.
14)I intended to go to the travel agents, but I stopped (speak) to a friend and forgot!
15)Why do not you try (write) her a letter to explain the problem?
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