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Newspaper articles answer the following questions: who, what, when, where, and how? Whose, which, how much and how many are simply variations of those. 

The first and last sentences are also summaries of the article. 

In addition, like other news media, newspapers do not present a realistic picture of the world. 

About 95% of the news concerns negative things.

The other 5% is positive in order to make the 95% appear realistic.

For instance, no U. S. articles say that in one day: 180,000,000 people in U.S. arrived to work safely; 250,000 lives were saved in hospitals; 11,000 peoples´ lives were saved by heroic acts; etc. 

Not only does the news media distort reality, but it also presents different distortions. 

Studies confirm that the news in Spain is different than in Italy or England.

Of course news is also fabricated.

If the amount of news varies, the news media´s coverage does not: radio news lasts the same 5 minutes every day; TV news usually lasts 30 minutes; a newspaper has the same number of pages (except Sundays).

So why do we read, listen and see the news? What news? How much news? Whose news?



Sonido Texto




newspaper periódicosummary resumen
who quiénsafely a salvo
whose de quién, cuyoto save salvar
what quéto last durar
where dondecoverage cobertura
how much cuántoin addition además
how many cuántosfor instance por ejemplo
when cuándo


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