El pasado de los verbos irregulares



I saw you in your office the other night, a Friday.

That was when I decided that we needed to work more closely. 

I knew you needed a more youthful point of view. You wanted someone with a feminine touch, too. You said my attitude was very refreshing. 

It is true that I got my degree in interstate relations several years ago. You said that there was a position, which was especially for me.

I knew what you meant. 

Remember I told you that I didn´t mind working late, very late.

You said you were ready to take me on.

Remember that I told you that I was ready. 

So please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Sonido Texto




youthful juvenilto mind querer decir
point of view punto de vistaI didn't mind no me importó
touch toqueto take me on aceptar un puesto de trabajo
interstate autovíaearliest el más temprano (pronto )
degree título de Universidadconvenience




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