El Gerundio

MY STORY THAT BECAME A LEGEND (NOV. 26, 1959; Hattiesburg, Mississippi., U.S.A) 

In my college days, taking my girlfriend home was marvellous. She had a dark complexion, big blue eyes, and other interesting features. Her name was Cherry. (The sad part of this story is that later she became my wife.) 

On that cold night, after leaving the highway, I parked off a small dirt road. 

While listening to the radio, we heard that a dangerous convict had escaped from the local prison. He had a metal hook for a hand. 

"Let´s go back to the university", Cherry said. 

At her university dormitory, I got out of the car and went around to open her door. Hanging on her door handle was the hook! 






to take home llevar a casa to get out, to leave salir
features características to go around ir alrededor
dirt road carretera de tierra to hang colgar
hook gancho dangerous peligroso
cherry cereza highway carretera de asfalto
dark complexion morena dormitory residencia de estudiantes
handle tirador de puerta college universidad
to become llegar a ser, convertirse    


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