Cuestionario de evaluación

1. Elije la opción correcta:

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  1. I am getting over.
  2. I am going to get a taxi.
  3. What did you get for your birthday?
  4. I got away from the camping.
  5. I got into the taxi.
  6. Get in the train!
  7. What time does the train get to the station?
  8. He got a new job.
  9. I am getting away from here.
  10. He gets a lot of money monthly.
  11. I got late to the airpot.
  12. They’re getting married next week.
  13. Can you get it?
  14. I asked him to get me to the bus station.
  15. He gets tired very quickly.
  16. I get over fifty emails every day
  17. Do you get what you are reading?
  18. Get it up!
  19. I got sick again.
  20. We must get away from here.
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2. Elige la opción correcta:

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1) are in Argentina Peter, Alan and Mia are in Argentina.
2) is typically from Spain Tortilla is typical from Spain.
3) is mine The book is mine.
4) isn't in Europe China isn't in Europe.
5) are working Jenny and Lena are working.
6) went to the moon Mark and Karen went to the moon.
7) is easy Swim is easy.
8) is big The lamp is big.
9) is dark blue The bottle is dark blue.
10) are together My friends are together.
11) are here Hugo and Laura are here.
12) mine The fish is mine.
13) is black The cloud is black.
14) is not in France Sevilla is not in France.
15) speak own dialect The tribe speak mandrika.
16) are in Africa Lions are in Africa.
17) is far The casino is far.
18) is big The house is big
19) are married My sister and John are married
20) are there I can see two ships there
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3. Convierte estas frases utilizando contracciones:

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1)They are jumping. jumping.
2)It should not be easy. It be easy.
3)Will not it be enough? it be enough?
4)I will not sing if he is here. I go if here.
5)It could not be mine. It be mine.
6)They are buying a car. buying a car.
7)It should not be yours. It be yours.
8)You will not be my boss. You be my boss.
9)I will not go to the train station. I go to the train station.
10)It should not be hot. It be hot.
11)They are my parents. my parents.
12)She is Ann. Ann.
13)She does not speak spanish. She speak spanish.
14)I do not like it. I like it.
15)They were not the players. They the players.
16)You are at home. at home.
17)It should not be so bad. It be so bad.
18)Peease, do not do it. Please do it.
19)They are speaking. speaking.
20)I do not do it again. I do it again.
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