Cuestionario de evaluación

1. Completa con "as many", "as much" o "as" según el caso:

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1)You have friends as me
2)There are lions in that zoo as in the other
3)I eat as you
4)John doesn’t have friends as Lina
5)I have water as him
6)Peter isn't young as Jack
7)She doesn't eat as you
8)She isn't old as him
9)He doesn't run long as me
10)He speaks fast as my father
11)Ann drinks tea as me
12)Tim has tvs as my boss
13)Jerome is small as Jeremy
14)She has shoes as Laura
15)The police wasn't fast as the thieve
16)He is boring as she
17)I am not sad as my friend
18)London has cars as Brighton
19)America isn't big as Africa
20)Sheryll has books as the rest of the classroom
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2. Rellena los huecos con el pronombre correcto:

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1)The girl called is her sister
2)The turtle I saw was very green
3) called she?
4) time is it?
5)The computer she bought was black
6) she?
7)The girl sister you called is from Argentina
8)The doctor is giving medicine to the boy leg is broken
9) is the president?
10)The man I talked to is a teacher
11) bikes are there?
12) wine do you want?
13)The boy is singing is my son
14) is your name?
15) is the owner of the farm?
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