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Welcome to London Heathrow Airport


Here is some advice for our travellers:

1. It is your responsibility to have all the right travel documents with you (passport, visa, medical & travel insurance, return ticket, etc.). Always check that you have these documents with you and that they are not out of date.

2. Your airline or tour operator will inform you on how much luggage you can take free of charge, what you can keep with you while on board the plane and what you are not allowed to pack at all. Sharp or pointed items must not be taken in any hand luggage. Remember to label your bags with luggage tags or special markings.

3. If your luggage is over-weight or too large, the extra charges can be very high. Alternatively, the airline could insist that you leave some of your luggage behind.

4. You are allowed to carry with you on the aircraft a handbag, duty-free goods bought at the airport and usually, one item of hand luggage. Keep this as small and as light as you can - as it will have to go under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker. When you check-in, the rest of your luggage will go into the plane's cargo hold. Do not pack in this luggage any cash, valuables, fragile or perishable items. If in doubt, ask the airline beforehand.

5. Allow plenty of time to get to the airport, especially if travelling by car. Airports can be very busy, especially at holiday and peak business travel times.

6. When you get your ticket, it should indicate the latest time for checking in. Do make sure you have this information in advance. The check-in time is the latest time for getting to the check-in desk. If you miss the check-in deadline, your place on the plane may go to someone on the waiting list. Airlines usually advise that you check in at least one and a half hours before your scheduled departure time.

7. When in the airport - NEVER leave your luggage unattended

8. Once you have checked your luggage in, you will get a luggage receipt. This is usually attached to your ticket stub or boarding card. Keep this receipt safe.


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