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Grammar: The


1. You use "the" with singular nouns and when the person you are talking to knows the thing or person you are talking about:

  • I spoke to the Queen yesterday (the Queen of England)I left the food inthe fridge (the fridge in my house)I bought two skirts and a watch. Theskirts were expensive (the skirts I bought)
  • Have you washed the glasses? (the glasses we have been using)


2. You use "the" when there is only one of something:

  • Madrid is the capital of Spain
  • The earth goes round the sun


3. You use "the" with a singular noun when you want to make general statement.

  • The book is very interesting


4. However, you do not use "the" with plural nouns to make a general statement.

We say:

The sky / The sea / The ground / The country / The environment / The cinema / The theatre


We do NOT say:

The breakfast / The lunch / The dinner


  • What did you have for breakfast?


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