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Soap Guide for week beginning 7th January


Brookside (Channel4) A double episode of the Liverpool-based soap. Nikki is devastated by Jimmy's decision and Jerome suffers the consequences of his actions. Is Jimmy about to have a nervous breakdown?

Coronation Street (ITV1) Richard sets a trap for Audrey. Peter holds a surprise party for Viv. Kevin asks Sally to marry him. Will she accept? Roy turns down the chance of a trip to Greece with the historical society.

Eastenders (BBC1) A perfect day turns into a nightmare as Sonia is forced to give up her baby. There are no shocks for Sharon as the week's events reach a tragic and explosive end. Ian grieves for the death of Cindy.

Emmerdale (ITV1) The press threaten to reveal Gloria's past. Pollard regrets experimenting with politics and Edna is shocked to discover the new identity of her new neighbour.

Friends (Channel4) Phoebe gets her pregnancy test results. Joey finds it difficult to hide a secret. Rachel and Ross have a big argument, that causes chaos in the house.

Holby City (BBC1) Ed receives the news that his father has collapsed in prison. Kath is devastated to discover Terry has just a few months to live, but refuses to abandon their plans.

Hollyoaks (Channel4) Anna must make a difficult decision about her and Charlie's future. Debbie tries to help improve Dan's love life. Matt fears his relationship with Chloe is moving too fast.

Home and Away (Channel5) In Summer Bay love is in the air. Sally and her new boyfriend are organizing a romantic trip to Paris, but can they afford it? Wil has bought a surprise present for Danny and is thinking about how to give it to her. The year nine boys organize an end of year dance party.

Neighbours (BBC1) Michelle applies for a job working as a hairdresser. Conor composes a rock song for Nina. Harold tries to cope with living alone without the boys. Stuart reveals his feelings for Abby, how will she react?



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