Grammar: Adjectives


a) Form

1. An adjective always has the same form. It never changes.
  • The funny man / The funny men
  • The small tree / The small trees


b) Use

1. We use adjectives to describe nouns Maria is a tall, young girl (The adjectives here describe what Maria is like)

2. An adjective can go before a noun or as a complement after the noun

  • It is a large stadium
  • The stadium is large


c) Position of adjectives (OSASCOM)

1. The order in which you put adjectives in a sentence is very important. In English there is a rule:


2. Ejemplos:

  • Opinion: beautiful, ugly, etc.
  • Size: small, big, large, etc.
  • Age: old, young, etc.
  • Shape: round, square, etc.
  • Colour: red, blue, green, yellow, etc.
  • Origin: Spanish, Dutch, American, etc.
  • Material: glass, paper, wood, etc.


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