Composition: Formal Letter



Formal Letter

One of the types of compositions often required in Paper 2 of the First Certificate is a letter. The layout of your letter is VERY IMPORTANT. Look carefully at the layout of the following letter.


letter formal



1. If you DO NOT KNOW the name of the person who you are writing to:

Start: Dear Sir or Madam

End: Yours faithfully


2. If you KNOW the name of the person:

Start: Dear Miss / Mrs / Mr (Smith)

End: Yours sincerely



Useful Formal Phrases

  • Peticiones de información y cómo responder

Please send me details of...

I enclose...

  • Pedidos y cómo responder

We would like to place an order for the following items, in the s and quantities specified below...

I wish to order...

  • Para hacer una reclamación

I have not yet received...



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