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A) Selecciona una de las siguientes preposiciones para completar estas oraciones:

in / on / by

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1)I usually go to work train
2)He was shocked as I had caught him surprise
3)These photographs were taken a friend of mine
4)There was a bottle the table and by chance it was the one I was looking for
5)I was the train when I realised that I had forgotten my mobile phone
6)The last book I read was written Agatha Christie
7)The last time they went out for dinner they paid credit card
8)Julia hates going by car to the office, she prefers going bus
9)There's no need to send the letter post, I can deliver it myself by hand
10)It's very hard to put sun tan cream on your back if you're yourself
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B) Elige cual de las siguientes expresiones permitiría completar estas oraciones:

in all / in common / in danger / in debt / in difficulties / in general / in a hurry / in other words / in particular / in private / in public / in secret / in tears

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1)They ran to school because the children were
2)One of their biggest problems is that they are with the bank
3)She left the building because somebody had insulted her
4)Amy and Ben have lots of things
5)Enza knew that she was and so tried desperately to escape
6)Claire didn't want anybody to know, so she told me
7)There are 56 people coming to the party
8)James talks that nobody really understands him
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C) Elige cual de las siguientes expresiones permitiría completar estas oraciones:

on business / on duty / on the one hand...on the other hand / on purpose / on the telephone / on time / on the whole / out of date / out of order / out of reach / out of time / out of work

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1)It is very important to arrive the very first day of your job
2), I like the clothes they sell in Top Shop
3)All medicines should be kept for children
4)Charlie is a nasty boy. I think he kicked you
5)My father has been away for two weeks
6)They didn't eat the meat last night because it was
7)On the one hand, I think the party will be good; , if your parents are going to be there it might not be
8)My Mum is a nurse and tonight she is
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Use of English




Entre las expresiones entre paréntesis elige una que permita completar estas oraciones:

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1)The children better arrive if not they will miss the bus (on time / in times / at time / for a time)
2)The plane arrived so late that I missed the meeting (almost / already / soon / entirely)
3)You'll yourself a lot of time if you walk (spend / make / save / spare)
4)My next door neighbour's music prevented me from to sleep (falling / starting / beginning / going)
5)After a lot of difficulty, Maria to open the bottle (managed / succeeded / obtained / realised)
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