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A) Escribe en el recuadro una de las siguientes phrasal verbs (en infinitivo) con la que completar estas oraciones:

break down / take off / apply for / take after

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1)I look like my father but my brother my mother
2)When Jan entered the room she her cardigan
3)The police got into the bank by the door
4)Yesterday I a secretarial job
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Sonidos (Ex. B and C)

B) Escribe una preposición con la que completar las siguientes oraciones.

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1)The music isn't loud enough. Will you turn it , please?
2)I want to make sure that these shoes fit. Can I try them ,please?
3)My car has broken and I can't use it until Monday
4)My grandfather died a heart attack
5)At school, I am concentrating my English grammar
6)Yesterday I was walking down the street and I bumped my old friend, Sarah
7)If you don't understand the word look it in the dictionary
8)When you finish with the computer, can you please turn it
9)Paul and Peter are twins. It is extremely difficult to tell them
10)Tomorrow I am going to give smoking
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C) Escribe en el recuadro una de las siguientes phrasal verbs (en el tiempo verbal correspondiente) con la que completar estas oraciones:

give back / cross out / turn round / run away from / look forward to / grow up / find out / keep on / hand over / knock over

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1)Yesterday a man driving a BMW a 5 year old boy
2)Paul is really going to the Madonna concert
3)The teacher everything I had written incorrectly
4)I'm trying to whose mobile telephone this is
5)When I was a child one day I home because I had had an argument with my mum
6)Finally, after two months Claire me my favourite jumper
7)It's hard to succeed but we must trying
8)Peter's parents in Greece, but they moved to London when they were teenagers
9)The man demanded that the cashier the money
10)When I shouted her name, she
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Use of English



Escribe las siguientes oraciones completándolas con las palabras entre paréntesis.

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1)I very pleased to receive the you me (parcel / sent / that / was)
2)What a good to send me a of different kinds of sweets your (from / idea / selection / country)
3)I enjoyed much, so my family! (did / very / eating / them)
4)It is not to buy things in England, perhaps London (possible / in / except / these)
5)You said in letter that you like me to send you a with English (food / parcel / your / would)
6)I just one to (posted / you / have)
7)It arrive the time as this letter as I have it sea-mail (same / won't / by /sent)
8)In the there is some information to prepare and the food (about / eat / how / parcel)
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