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Elige uno de los siguientes adverbios para completar estas oraciones:

still / yet / already

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1)They haven't decided which car to rent
2)Last night when I got home my Mum was awake
3)The children know where they are going on holiday
4)When I arrived he had left the building
5)He has asked his uncle if he will lend him some money
6)David lost his job last year and he is unemployed
7)I'm hungry. Is dinner ready ?
8)We used to live in Hollywood and we have a lot of friends there
9)I haven't finished reading the paper, I am reading it
10)Have you seen the new Harry Potter film ?
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Use of English

Elige una de las siguientes preposiciones para completar esta narración acerca de Hyde Park:

lived / concerts / famous / place / park / river / place / famous / since / along

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1)Open to the public 1637.
2)Hyde Park's sizes, not to mention its prettiness, makes it London's most park.
3)Rowing on the ...
4)and rollerblading its many paths are fun.
5)Kensington Palace (where Princess Di ) ...
6)is housed inside the and has magnificent gardens.
7)The park has also been a popular for large gatherings...
9)The Rolling Stones played there in 69 and it's Party in The Park...
10)takes every summer.
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