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A) Elige una de estas conjunciones para completar las siguientes oraciones: although / in spite of / because / because of

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1) we arrived late, we had a good time
2)I couldn't go to the bank I had a lot of things to do
3)The plane was delayed of the strike
4)I didn't get the job having the necessary skills
5)I got to work on time there was a lot of traffic
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B) Une las siguientes oraciones utilizando la conjunción "in case".

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1)I sent a birthday card to Maria but she didn't reply. So I sent her a text message because I thought that perhaps she hadn't received the card
2)Robert thought that his phone was going to run out of battery. So he took his phone charger with him
3)I thought that the party was going to be cancelled because of the rain. So I rang Peter to check
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C) Escribe nuevamente las siguientes oraciones utilizando la conjunción "unless".

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1)I'm only going to swimming practice if you go
2)The doctor will see you today only if it's an emergency
3)You can use my car if you drive carefully
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D) Completa las siguientes oraciones utilizando alguna de las siguientes opciones:

- "... they don't cry!"

- "... that it is cooked in vegetable oil"

- "... she has enough time after she finishes work"

- "... it is cooked in a Chinese restaurant"


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1)I don`t like Chinese food unless...
2)I like Chinese food provided...
3)Katie goes to the gym everyday as long as...
4)I don't mind looking after children as long as...
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Use of English



Elige una palabra de la lista para completar el siguiente relato:

strange / chimpanzee / shopping / shopper / under / Bizarre / looked / face / normal

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1)The world of Michael Jackson looked even wackier yesterday...
2)when he went in a furry monkey mask.
3)Michael Jackson seemed more like something from Planet of The Apes than a pop superstar. The eccentric singer (who regularly covers his in public) donned the grotesque mask on a surprise visit to a south Florida shopping mall.
4)One said:
5)"He like an extra from The Planet Of The Apes. I don't mean the high-tech remake, I mean the Charlton Heston original.
6)The thing was that he just acted...
7)as though it was perfectly to go out shopping...
8)looking like a
9)Still, what's the mask isn't that pretty either".
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