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A. Match the following food idioms on the right with there significance on the left.

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B. Put each of the following food idioms in the appropriate sentences below.

A piece of cake / Cheesy / Bad egg / Couch potato / In a nutshell / Butter-fingers / Cup of tea / Nuts / In a jam / Peanuts


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1)Today I´ve got I keep dropping things.
2)I was supposed to pay my credit card bill today, but I´ve run out of money and the bank´s just closed. Now I´m
3)That man is a so you should try and avoid him if you can.
4)That´s a crazy idea. You must be .
5)Jon just sits around all day doing nothing. He´s a bit of a
6)You´ll have to offer him a good salary. An experienced photographer like him won´t do the job for
7)Maria likes pop music and night clubs. The opera is not her .
8)We went to the meeting and they told us what would be happening to everyone next year.
9)The exam was not difficult at all, to sum it up it was .
10)The disco the girl wen to last night was really , the music was really dated and the decoration was really tacky.
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Talking Point - Genetically Modified Food




  • Are there environmental, moral, or health issues associated with genetically modified food?
  • Should it be banned?
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