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viernes, 17 agosto 2018 español
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Language awareness



Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings e.g. flower and flour.

You need to learn these words as there are no spelling rules to help you remember them.

Here is a list of 70 common homophones:

  1. air, heir
  2. aisle, I'll, isle
  3. allowed, aloud
  4. aren't, aunt
  5. ate, eight
  6. awe, oar, or, ore
  7. be, bee
  8. bean, been
  9. bear, bare
  10. berry, bury
  11. blew, blue
  12. break, brake
  13. buy, by, bye
  14. caught, court
  15. cereal, serial
  16. check, cheque
  17. die, dye
  18. draft, draught
  19. earn, urn
  20. fair, fare
  21. find, fined
  22. flew, flu
  23. flower, flour
  24. for, four
  25. genes, jeans
  26. guessed, guest
  27. hair, hare
  28. hay, hey
  29. hear, here
  30. higher, hire
  31. hour, our
  32. key, quay,
  33. knight, night
  34. maid, made
  35. new, knew
  36. none, nun
  37. oh, owe
  38. packed, pact
  39. packs, pax
  40. pair, pear
  41. pause, paws
  42. pea, pee
  43. peace, piece
  44. place, plaice
  45. plum, plumb
  46. practice, practise
  47. profit, prophet
  48. raw, roar
  49. read, reed
  50. road, rode, rowed
  51. sale, sail
  52. sauce, source
  53. saw, soar, sore
  54. scene, seen
  55. sew, so, sow
  56. sole, soul
  57. son, sun
  58. steal, steel
  59. tea, tee
  60. there, their, they're
  61. through, threw
  62. to, too, two
  63. wail, wale, whale
  64. waist, waste
  65. war, wore
  66. ware, wear, where
  67. whether, weather
  68. which, witch
  69. would, wood
  70. write, right




A. Choose the right word or words to fill in the gaps in the sentences below.

1)He his motrbike along the
2)She was stung by a
3)I need to see if he has cashed the
4)The is shining, it is a beautiful day.
5)He used an
6)After the Church Service the vicar wanted to the body.
7)There was a terrible soming from under the door.
8)To make a cake you need 300 grams of
9)A dog has four
10)Every day he has to the piano.
11)Last year the company did not make a .
12)In July there was a big in my local dupermarket.
13)The of his shoe was destroyed by his dog.
14)The against terrorism started a few years ago.
15)This table is reserved customers.
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B. In the following sentences there is a deliberate mistake. Correct the sentences.

1)Waist not, want not
2)Yesterday I died my hair
3)In my company the usually like to higher people who speak 2 foreing languages
4)A button has come off my shirt. My Mum will have to sow it back on for me
5)When I last looked there were three people playing tennis on caught 3
6)The place they visited yesterday was extremely picturesque
7)Most people whi finish university urn an average of $220,000 p/a
8)There was a whale of pain from the patient as the dentist extracted one of his wisdom teeth
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C. Make a sentence with each of the following homophones.

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