The constant use of short sentences can be a bit strange to read. To make your writing style more advanced, you can use two short sentences and join them together with a joining word/conjunction. This combination makes a compound sentence.


A. Choose the best joining word/conjunction from the list below to join together the following short sentences.

Where / Before / After / Until / Since / When / Whenever / While / Although / Though / Whether / As




B . Choose the best joining word from the list below to join together the following sentences

In contrast / Therefore / Accordingly / However / Consequently / Furthermore / By the way / Otherwise / In other words / Frankly

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1)He is the best player in the team. He is very unpopular
2)He is the worst play in the team. He is extremely popular
3)My next door neighbour is extremely noisy. She always wants to know what we are doing
4)The men kept apologising. I didn´t care
5)All workers were issued with identity cards. They had to sign their names on arrival
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