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A. Complete each sentence with one of the words or phrases given.

Innuendo / Snobbish / Stiff Upper Lip / Comic / Blatant / Drunkenness / Stand-up / Gags / Outdated / Witty / Satirical / Uptight / Guinea-pig / Sarcasm / Pompous / To rave about / Blatant / To dupe

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1)The book was very funny.
2)John was a comedian who specialised in improvisation.
3)Katie told the worst
4)I felt like a when asked to take part in the experiment.
5)Her behaviour was beginning to really annoy her parents.
6)A bad nights sleep left Jess feeling very
7)There was a error in her document.
8) is often quoted as being the lowest form of wit.
9)The magazine Punch was particularly in its views.
10)The British Army required all its soldiers to have a
11)My on that night out was unforgivable.
12)Her computer became very quickly.
13)The clown was quick and very .
14)The old mans attitude was aoutdatef and unwelcome.
15)The kids had a total lack of towards their teacher.
16)The secretary felt that her boss was always making with her.
17)The con-man the old lady into giving him her life savings.
18)I couldn´t stop my news shoes.
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  • Disciplinary panel hears 12 allegations of misconduct
  • Colleagues outline racism, assaults and bad practice


Paul Lewis
Tuesday February 14, 2006
The Guardian


A nurse tried to amuse colleagues by putting a patient's glass eye in a cup of Coca-Cola and drawing a face on another patient's hernia, a disciplinary panel heard yesterday. Christine Mitchelson, 53, from Newcastle upon Tyne, was absent from the Nursing and Midwifery Council's conduct and competence committee hearing, citing ill health, but has denied 12 allegations of misconduct.

As well as carrying out dangerous and offensive practical jokes, Ms Mitchelson is also accused of assaulting patients, incorrectly administering drugs and racially taunting other nurses between late 2001 and early 2004, while working at the Royal Victoria infirmary in Newcastle.

Piers Arnold, representing the council, said an investigation had been launched in early 2004 after Ms Mitchelson's colleague, a healthcare assistant, complained about her conduct. Outlining the allegations, he said Ms Mitchelson had exhibited an "alarming lack of professional judgment". He told the panel that Ms Mitchelson had offered the sister on the ward, Pauline Stanton, a cup of Coca-Cola containing a patient's glass eye between March 2001 and May 2002.

The panel also heard how in late 2001 or early 2002, staff nurse Marie Kaplanis discovered Ms Mitchelson had drawn a "smiley face" on a male patient's hernia. "The door of the cubicle was open and I could see that the patient's abdomen was exposed", Ms Kaplanis told the hearing. "He had a quite huge umbilical hernia, bigger than my fist. The patient was lying in bed, half sat up, wearing pyjamas".

"Then I saw a smiley face drawn on to the umbilical hernia. Everybody was laughing, including the patient", She said Ms Mitchelson admitted to drawing the face "for a laugh". "I just shook my head in disbelief, knowing that somebody in a profession would make a mockery out of somebody else's misery and misfortune".

Referring to the practical jokes, Mr Arnold said: "While in some respects these matters are clearly less serious than the other allegations, they do, you may think, demonstrate an alarming lack of judgment on the registrant's part".

Ms Kaplanis, who is from the Philippines, said Ms Mitchelson had made racist comments about members of staff. In February 2004 Ms Mitchelson referred to a Chinese colleague as "Chinky" and, later that evening, asked Ms Kaplanis why she did not have "the hands of a nig nog" like other Filipina nurses, the panel heard.

Another staff nurse, Gilda Silan, said that in 2003, while helping to move a frail and elderly patient into a chair, Ms Mitchelson grabbed his pyjama bottoms and slammed the man down. She witnessed a similar incident the following year. On another occasion, Ms Silan said, Ms Mitchelson's failure to follow simple instructions resulted in a diabetic patient being administered double the prescribed dose of insulin.

Mr Arnold told the panel that Ms Mitchelson had maltreated five patients by either slapping them on the head or pushing them on to a bed or chair.

He said: "There's a catalogue of reported incidents of rough and degrading treatment of patients. Of equal concern are the reports of the registrant's incorrect administration of drugs and the cavalier attitude that she appears to have adopted in respect of patients' observations".

The disciplinary hearing, which could result in Ms Mitchelson being removed from the NMC register, continues.





A. Answer the following questions

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