Gap Fill

A. Complete each sentence with one of the word or phrases given.

Survival rate / To pry open / Trap / Fatality rate / To wander / Cancerous / Land slide / To flourish / Inquest / Rubble / Deserted / To plunder / Inquiry / Stranded / To crumble / To rescue / Deserted island / Avalanche / Amazement / To evacuate

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1)The was nearly 60%
2)The president hoped the would be higher than calculated.
3)The judge felt that an into the mans death would be appropriate.
4)The solicitor launched an into the strange occurrences.
5)She was all alone and .
6)He had walked straight into a .
7)The small puppy dog would have drowned had I not it.
8)Sometimes I like through the fields.
9)All the employee´s had the building as soon as possible.
10)The criminals all the couples worldly belongings.
11)The building began .
12)He watched in as his car was towed away.
13)The growth was responding to treatment.
14)As the approached they could feel the ground shaking.
15)It was invevitable that the would happen.
16)Small rodents would in the aftermath of the earthquake.
17)The island seemed to be completely
18)The group were trapped on the
19)The specially trained dogs detected people under the
20)He used his knife the hatch.
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