Gap Fill

A. Complete each sentence with one of the words or phrases given.

Ideology / Outrage / Queer / Conflict / Shifty / Nostalgia / Controversy / Sin / Unsustainable / Scruples / To grass on / Adultery / Vice / Gambling / Aftermath / Principles / To spread / Ethics / Theology / Imitate

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1)The reged for over 300 hundred years.
2)Sheila had no about reporting her neighbours to the police.
3)My prevent me from causing harm to others.
4)The musicians were working on a code of for their orchestra.
5) describes a longing for the past.
6)The association ruled that players mut be over the age of 18 before partaking in any form of gambling.
7)Sol Campbelll caused quite a by signing for Arsenal.
8)The level of America´s consumption of oil is totally .
9)There was public when the criminal was set free.
10) can be punished by jail sentences in the United Kingdom.
11)My only is alcohol.
12)The parrot could most of the families voices.
13)The of the meteor strike could be felt around the world.
14)The woman was asked the word as quickly as possible.
15)The small man looked very as he walked by.
16)Pete felt quite after eating at a seafood restaurant.
17)Police actively encourage criminals each other for monetary rewards.
18) refers to a belief system or world-view.
19) refes to the teachings of relegion and the foundations of belief.
20)The 1st deadly is Lust.
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