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  • Identify the alternative beliefs in the photos. Do you believe in any of them?
  • Do you think there is intelligent life on other planets?
  • Some people claim to have seen UFOs. Do you believe them?





A. Match the appropriate word to the definition

Spooky / Soul / Ghost / Telepathy / Seer / Clairvoyant / Premonition / Coincidence

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1)A feeling that something umpleasant is going to happen
2)When two or more things happen together at the same time, by chance
3)The spirit of a dead person seen or heard by people still living
4)The part of a person that some people think still exists after they die
5)A person who has special powers to see into the future
6)The communication of thoughts between the minds of two people without using speech, signs or writing
7)Adjective (informal) to describe something frightening and possibly supernatural
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Reading & Questions



In praise of... Mischief Night

Friday November 4, 2005
The Guardian


It might seem idle to throw sand into the great commercial gale of trick-or-treat not least because the best way to encourage children to throw eggs and blackmail householders out of Halloween sweets is by giving them pompous instructions not to. But there are some lessons to be learned, especially in the south of England , by a few deliberately mysterious references to Mischief Night, which is where the tradition of youthful misrule at this time of the year began.

Like many apparently American inventions, from the Mormon faith to Wrigley's chewing gum, this has its roots in Yorkshire , Lancashire and the north-east, where mischief will be practised in some places tonight, the evening before bonfire night. It has a subtler and more imaginative history than the mass purchase of plastic witch masks which marks trick-or-treating, and crucially, a better understanding of the principle of community.

Mischief Night sees phantom door-knocking, gate-swapping and other minor acts of sabotage, but usually done with an awareness of targets which are appropriate and those which are not. The elderly are less harassed by the indiscriminate pestering encouraged by the "treat" part of trick-or-treat - unless they have been notoriously crotchety to local children in the year past.

The point, and the reason to encourage a little interest today, is to allow young people excluded from adult decision-making to make a point, in the clever, unexpected ways of which they are specially capable.





A. Answer theses questions

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  1. Mischief Night
  2. The night involves
  3. "Wich is where the tradition of youthful misrule at this time of the year began" means:
  4. What is the point of Mischief Nigh?
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B. Find words or phrases in the text which are similar in meaning to:

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