Present Simple: interrogative and negative forms

Complete the following intervie with a verb from the box and if necessary, with do (not), does (not), I, you, etc:

listen live start  have pay earn do give read work pay finish


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– Good morning. I would like to ask you a few questions. Where ?
- 13, Walker Street.
- And a family?
- Yes, I a wife, but we any children.
– I see. And what in your leisure time?
- Well, I a lot of books, and I to classical music.
- Splendid! And why to change your job?
- Well, my wife ; she never has. And the trouble is, nowadays my salary isn't enough for two.
– How much you in your present job?
- Well, I $8,000 per month.
– What time in the mornings?
- At eight o'clock.
– That`s fine. And what time work in the evenings?
- At five, and there's an hour for lunch.
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