Exercises Present Progresive: using affirmative, interrogative and negative form

Complete de following by using the verbs from the box in the present progressive.


experiment sell take play do paint watch write take collect


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1)I can't come for lunch. I money for the Christmas gift.
2) your BMW? Yes, do you want to buy it? It's a vintage model.
3)Chris and I a lot of tenis this year. He usually beats e, but I sometimes win.
4) the news series on TV? It's very good.
5) that sweater for Antony? Yes, I must do some after luch.
6)What sort of pictures these days? Mostly landscapes. I with some new techniques now.
7)Paula her second novel. Her first was quite a success.
8)We many photographs these days. We're just too busy.
9)The garden looks rather untidy. Yes, Jorge much gardening at the moment. He has too much work.
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