Exercise: The Present Simple v Present Progressive - Verbs form

Complete the following dialogue by using forms of the verb from the box:


cook live write stay play listen do drink work


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– Hello, Grace, thi is James. Is Jacob in?
- Hello, James. No he isn't here at the moment. He football. In fact, he always football on Saturday mornings.
– And what you at the moment, Grace?
- Me? I lunch, and I a cup of tea.
- you lunch every day?
- No, Jacob it quite often but I today because some friends with us for a few days at the moment.
– Oh, who are they?
- The Millers. They in Madrid, Spain. He in a depatment store and she novels.
– Really?, What kind of novels she ?
- Thrillers. In fact, she a novel at this moment, and Joe to records.
he to Jacob's jazz records?
- No! Joe to jazz. He only to classical music.
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