Exercise: The Present Simple: sometimes obligatory

Complete the following dialogue by choosing one of the verbs for each space and putting it in the most suitable form (Present Progressive or Present Simple).


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1) you that man over there in the corner? Look, the one who the guitar. (play, know)
2)I him but I his name. What is it? (recognise, remember)
3)Fredy Mercury. I him because he is so interesting, but his music is very strange, I it at all. (understand, like)
4)Oh? It OK to me. In fact, I it's very good. (sound, think)
5)Hey, look at that girl jumping up and down. What she ? Oh, she that new dance. you to dance? (do, want)
6)No really. I our conversation, and anyway I dancing. But if you , I will. (dislike, insist, enjoy)
7)Do'nt worry. What you ? It of mint. (smell, drink).
8)Or course. It's a mint julep. It great.
9)Julep? That's a stange word. What it ?
10)I'm afraid I . Look! Everyone supper. Where did they get the food from? (mean, eat, know, taste)
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