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The Weather Forecast

1.- Vocabulary

The Weather

Weather: el tiempo
Weather forecast: el pronóstico del tiempo
To be sunny: hacer sol 
It is sunny: hace sol
To be hot: hacer calor
To be cold: hacer frio
To be good weather: hacer buen tiempo
To be bad weather: hacer mal tiempo
To be windy: hacer viento
To be foggy: hacer niebla
It is foggy: hay niebla
To be cloudy: estar nublado
It is cloudy: está nublado
To rain: llover
It is raining: está lloviendo
To snow: nevar
It is snowing: está nevando
Storm: tormenta
Thunder: trueno
Lightening: relámpago 
What’s the weather like?: ¿Qué tiempo hace?


Time expressions

Today: hoy
Tonight: esta noche
This afternoon: esta tarde 
Tomorrow: mañana
Tomorrow morning: mañana por la mañana
The day after tomorrow: pasado mañana
Next week: la semana que viene
Next month: el mes que viene
Next year: el año que viene
In 2010: en 2010



1.A.- Practice

A – What’s the weather like?

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1) sun
2) Weather
3) windy
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2.- Grammar – The Future with Will & Going to

2.A.- Future with going to

Going to + bare infinitive (speak) (Ir a hablar)


I am going to speak
I'm going to
I'm not going to
You are going to
You're going to
You're not going to
He is going to
He's going to
He's not going to
We are going to
We're going to
We're not going to
You are going to
You're going to
You're not going to
They are going to
They're going to
They're not going to


Going to expresses a person’s plans and intentions

  • I’m going to be a dancer when I grow up. 
  • We’re going to run the London marathon in 2010.

We also use going to when we can see now that something is sure to happen in the future.

  • It’s very cloudy. It’s going to rain. 
  • It’s ten past eight. We are going to be late.


2.A.1- Practice

A – Look at the pictures of the girls and the boys. Both groups have plans for the future. Which do you think are the girls’ plans? Which do you think are the boys’ plans?


Look at the pictures the boys

  1. We’re going to open a dance school. 
  2. We’re going to sing on television.
  3. We’re going to teach lots of people to dance.
  4. We’re going to go to lots of parties.


B – What is going to happen? Read the situation and say what is going to happen. Use the following verbs.

To sneeze / To drop / To snow / To get married / To pass


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1)Charles has too many plates in his hands. He them
2)I´m allergic to cats. I
3)They love each other a lot. They
4)It´s very cold. It
5)He has been studying for weeks. He the exam
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2.B.- Future with will

Will + bare infinitive (drink) (beberé, ...)


I will drink
I'll ...
I will not drink
You will ...
You'll ...
You will not ...
He will ...
He'll ...
He will not ...
We will ...
We'll ...
We will not ...
You will ...
You'll ...
You will not ...
They will ...
They'll ...
They will not ...


We use will when we make a decision now.

  • Katie: Let’s go out for dinner. 
  • Maria: That’s a good idea. We’ll go to the Chinese restaurant.
  • Katie: What are you going to do tonight? 
  • Maria: I don’t know, maybe I’ll go to the gym.

The Weather Forecast


You use will when you are making a promise or an offer

  • I’ll ring you later tonight. (Promise)
  • I’ll come round and help you later. (Offer)


2.B.1.- Write sentences using the affirmative, negative or question form of will.

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1) we/miss/ the/ train (affirmative)
2) your brother/ go/ to Japan/ on holiday (negative)
3) when/ they/ return/ from/ the/ shops (questions)
4) tomorrow/ it/ rain/ a lot (affirmative)
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2.B.2.- Choose the correct answer

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1)I feel tired. I think I go to bed. (´ll /´m going to)
2)Where are you going? I visit a friend. (´ll /´m going to)
3)Would you prefer tea or coffee? I have some tea, please. (´ll /´m going to)
4)Where are you going on holiday? We to New York for a week. (´ll /´re going to)
5)Why are you wearing boots when it is summer? I wash the car. (´ll /´m going to)
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2.B.3.- Are the following sentences grammatically correct or incorrect? Correct the incorrect sentences.

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1)Tomorrow I´m goint to the cinema with my friends.
2)I promise I´m going to do my homework.
3)I´m allergic to dogs. I´ll sneeze.
4)Perhaps I´m going to clean my room tonight.
5)Next year we´re going to Las Vegas on holiday.
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3.- Reading

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The Weather Forecast


3.A.- Practice

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1)Sun all day
2)Temperatures of around 15-17 degrees
3)A storm
4)A foggy morning
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