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Life in the Countryside

1.- Vocabulary – Geography

Building: edificio
Square: plaza
Museum: museo
Castle: castillo
Cathedral: catedral
Hospital: hospital
Police station: comisaría
Town hall: ayuntamiento
Hotel: hotel
Campsite: camping
Farm: granja
Wood: bosque
Tree: árbol
Flower: flor
Field: campo
River: río
Sea: mar
Beach: playa
Countryside: paisaje
City: ciudad
Town: pueblo
Village: aldea
Lake: lago
Mountain: montaña
Hill: colina

North: norte
South: sur
East: este
West: oeste

Peaceful: tranquilo 
Noisy: ruidoso
Lively: animado
Healthy: saludable 
Expensive: caro
Cheap: barato
Dirty: sucio
Clean: limpio
Boring: aburrido
Historic: histórico
Industrial: industrial
Late: tarde
Early: temprano

1.A.- Practice

A – Match the opposite adjectives

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1) Fast
2) Small
3) Boring
4) Safe
5) Quiet
6) Old
7) Dirty
8) Friendly
9) Cheap
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B – Which of these adjectives describe life in the countryside? Which describe life in the city?

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1) adjectives
2) adjectives
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2.- Grammar - Comparatives & Superlatives


Form: Adjective + er

  • This bread is cheaper than that bread. 
  • This car is newer than this car.

Use: We use a comparative when we want to compare two different things.

  • The countryside is cleaner than the city.
  • The city is dirtier than the countryside.


Form: Adjective + est

Use: We use a superlative when we want to empha how good something is.

  • Madrid is the cleanest city in the world. 
  • My mum is the best mum in the world.

We normally use "the" before a superlative.

  • Spain sells the cheapest shoes in Europe.


2.A.- Practice

2.A.1.- Complete the conversations with the correct form of the adjectives.

E.g. The streets in France are dirtier than in Poland.

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1)New York is Madrid (big)
2)Madrid is Rome (expensive)
3)The underground in London is the Metro in Madrid (good)
4)The buildings in the town are the buildings in the country (modern)
5)Charles is Melissa (boring)
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2.A.2.- Complete the sentences using a comparative form.

E.g. The music is too quiet. Can we go somewhere where the music is louder?

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1)Your work isn´t very good. I´m sure you can do
2)He is driving too slowly. Can he drive any
3)This jumper is too small, I need a size
4)Yesterday we arrived very late, so today we are going to arrive
5)My life is a bit boring at the moment. I´d like it to be
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2.A.3.- Complete the questions with the superlative form of the adjective.

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1)What is (high) mountain in the world?
2)Who is (rich) person in Britain?
3)What is (popular) drink in your country?
4)Who is (good) singer in your country?
5)What is (long) river in the world?
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3.- Reading

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Life in the Countryside


3.A.- Practice

Answer the following questions

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1)Why does George like living in the countryside?
2)What can George see from his windows?
3)Does George prefer living in the countyside or the city?
4)What adjectives does George use to describe the city?
5)How far is George´s nearest hospital?
6)Why is it better to live in the countryside?
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Life in the Countryside
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