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The Man with Many Jobs

1.- Vocabulary – Jobs

Job: trabajo
Actor: actor
Actress: actriz
Airhostess: azafata
Architect: arquitecto
Artist: artista
Baker: panadero
Boss: jefe
Businessman: hombre de negocios
Businesswoman: mujer de negocios
Butcher: carnicero
Chef/cooker: cocinero/a
Dentist: dentista
Doctor: médico
Driver: conductor/a
Engineer: ingeniero
Firefighter: bombero
Gardener: jardinero/a
Hairdresser: peluquero/a
Housewife: ama de casa 
Journalist: periodista
Lawyer: abogado/a
Mechanic: mecánico/a
Musician: músico/a
Nurse: enfermero/a
Painter: pintor/a
Photographer: fotógrafo/a
Pilot: piloto
Policeman: policía
Policewoman: mujer policía
Postman: cartero
Priest: cura
Receptionist: recepcionista
Secretary: secretario/a
Shop assistant: dependiente/a
Student: estudiante
Taxi driver: taxista
Teacher: profesor/a
Waiter: camarero
Waitress: camarera




1.A.- Practice

A – Match a job with its description

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1) Makes bread
2) Makes food ina a restaurant
3) Cuts hair
4) Drives a plane
5) Looks after ill people in hospital
6) Welcomes people
7) Sells things
8) Performs in the theater
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2.- Grammar - Past Simple

There are many irregular verbs in English. Here is a list of irregular past simple verbs. There is no rule, you have to learn them!


Grammar - Past Simple


All Irregular verbs stay the same:

I sawI wroteI sang
You sawYou wroteYou sang
He sawHe wroteHe sang
We sawWe wroteWe sang
You sawYou wroteYou sang
They sawThey wroteThey sang


Except, the verb to be

I was
You were
He was
We were
You were
They were


Negative form of the Past Simple:

Didn’t + bare infinitive


I sawI didn’t see
You sawYou didn’t see
He sawHe didn’t see
We sawWe didn’t see
You sawYou didn’t see
They sawThey didn’t see


Exception: to be

I wasI wasn’t
You wereYou weren’t
He wasHe wasn’t
We wereWe weren’t
You wereWe weren’t
They wereWe weren’t


2.A.- Practice

A – Make the following sentences negative.

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1)We saw the film
2)They spent $25 on food.
3)I broke the vase
4)You heard a noise
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Regular and Irregular verbs

B – Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple.

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When I (be) 16 years old O (go) on holiday to Canada for four weeks. I (go) by plane alone and the journey (take) more than 10 hours. When I (arrive) in Toronto, my aunty (meet) me at the airport and (drive) me to her house.
We (arrive) at her house and she (prepare) lunch for me. She (cook) steak with chips, my favourite!
During the first week we (visit) lots of different places. I (meet) lots of different people and (eat) lots of interesting food.
During second week we (stay) at home because my aunt (not/feel) very well. During the days I (swim) in the swimming pool and (write) lots of post cards to my friends.
The last two weeks we (go) travelling to different parts of Canada. I (have) such a good time, I (not/want) to come home!
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3.- Reading

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The Man with Many Jobs



3.A.- Practice

Answer the following questions

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1)How many jobs does Tony have?
2)What does Tony do in the evening?
3)List the jobs Tony had last year (total of 5)
4)Where did Tony work on Wednesday
5)Where did Tony work on a Saturday night?
6)When did Tony have free time?
7)What dis Tony do in his free time?
8)Why did Tony prefer working at the police station?
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The Man with Many Jobs
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