Where are you from?

1. Introduction



Hello and welcome to the Speaking and Listening Course for Lower Intermediate English students. I’m Katie, your teacher and I have created this course to help you become more fluent in both speaking and listening. Try to learn the vocabulary and grammar as the course progresses. Let’s begin!

In today’s lesson we are going to talk about where we are from. We are also going to learn how to describe where we live.

2. Look at the following pictures. Which countries do they represent?

England / Brazil / France / USA


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1) USA
2) Brazil
3) France
4) england
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3.- Pre-Listening Task

A. Look at the following questions. How would you answer them? Give your own answers.

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1)Where do you live?
2)What’s it like there?
3)Whereabouts do you come from?
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4.- Listening

You are going to listen to a conversation between Mike and Lucy. They meet at Tom’s party.

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You have 4 minutes until your next lesson!

Try and imagine the conversation in your head and then practice saying it out loud.

Listen to the recording and answer the questions.



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