Revision Lessons 11-14

In this lesson, we are going to revise what we have learned in Lessons 11-14


1.- Zero Conditional

A. Use the conditions and results in the box to complete the phrases below.



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1)Ice cream melts if .
2) if you eat a lot of chocolate.
3)If you wake up early and go to bed late every day .
4)If you spend a lot of money.
5) if their sons/ daughters don´t call them.
6)Water boils if
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2.- Friends

A. Fill in the gaps with the correct word.

(En todas las preguntas, para ver respuesta hacer doble click en recuadro; un click vuelve a recuadro original)



It is a good idea to read the whole dialogue before trying to complete the exercise.

Listen to check your answers.

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3.- Speaking Task

A. Look at the following pictures. Out loud, describe exactly what you see. Talk about the background and the people in the pictures.




Use the verbs look and seem. Also use some of the adjectives you learned in Lesson 12.

Shy / Outgoing / Hardworking / Lazy / Stubborn
Quiet / Talkative / Responsible / Easygoing



You can use your own adjectives. Here are some model answer

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4.- The Imperative

A. Put the word in brackets into the gaps. Here are some examples:

______ your rubbish in the bin. (Put) = PUT
______ your rubbish on the floor. (Not put) = DO NOT / DON’T PUT

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1) the carrots and potatoes and add to the saucepan. (cut)
2) cook the fish! (Not cook)
3)Before you serve the food, it. You may need to add more salt (try)
4) the chips for 4-6 minutes or until golden brown (fry)
5) the cake at the top of the oven (Not put)
6) all of the ingredients to the bowl and mix together (add)
7) the ingredients together (Not mix)
8) the oven on before you start preparing the food (Put)
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5.- Relationship Metaphors

A. The relationship metaphors are in the wrong sentences. Correct the sentences, you may have to change the form of the verbs.





6.- Food

A. Identify the following ways of cooking.

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1) To chop
2) To deep-fry
3) To mash
4) To grill
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7.- Speaking Task

A. You have a conversation with your teacher about restaurants and food. Here is the audio script. What you say is missing?

Fill in the gaps and be prepared to answer the questions!



B. Now listen to your teacher and answer the questions. Try not to look at your answers!

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