Revision Lessons 1-4

Now we are going to revise what we have learned in Lessons 1-4

1. Answers to the questions.

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1)Where do you live? .
2)What´s is like there? .
3)Whereabouts are you from? .
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2. Complete the following dialogue.

Advice: Read the whole dialogue before trying to complete it.



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3.- Speaking Time

It’s your first day at your new college and you have been asked to talk for 4 minutes about your background. Prepare a presentation answering the following questions:

  • What’s your name?
  • Whereabouts are you from?
  • What’s it like there?
  • Where do you live now?
  • Is it different to your home town? How?

To give you some ideas, you can listen to your teacher give the presentation. She will also give you some advice. Good luck!


A. Put the words into the correct order.

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1) today/ your/ first/ is/ it/ day?
2) living/ are/ where/ you?
3) halls of residence/ are/ staying/ in/ you/ the?
4) studying/ wich/ you/ are/ subjects?
5) pub/ to go/ to/ do/ tonight/ you/ want/ the?
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B. Here are the answers to some questions, write the questions.

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1) My name´s Lucy.
2) I live in Paris.
3) No, I live in a small village.
4) Yes, I´ve been to London before.
5) No, I wouldn´t like to visit London.
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4.- Listening Time


[Objeto Flash Eliminado] Sonido


You are going to listen to Andy and Sarah talking about Tina the new receptionist in the office.



This is Tina – the new office receptionist.


A. Look at the picture of Tina. What is your first impression of her:

  • Personality.
  • Clothes.
  • Hair.


B. Now listen to Andy and Sarah. Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

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  1. What is Sarah´s first impression of Tina?
  2. Why don´t Sarah and Andy agree?
  3. Sarah and Andy agree that
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Look at the audio script to check your answers

Audio script

Sarah: Have you met Tina?
Andy: Yes, I have. She seems really friendly.
Sarah: Do you think so? I didn’t get that impression.
Andy: Really?
Sarah: Yeah, I got the impression she’s really quiet.
Andy: No, she not quiet. I had lunch with her the other day and she talked for an
Sarah: I’m surprised. What do you think of her clothes?
Andy: They’re quite unusual aren’t they?
Sarah: Yes, they’re really different! I rather love her hair though. It’s very sophisticated.
Andy: Yeah, I agree.


If there are any words you don’t understand, please look them up in a dictionary and learn them.


6.- Speaking Time

You meet Chi, a Chinese student, at a conference. Tell your colleague about him using the following information:




Address: Soho, London

Country of origin: China

Main differences between his city & London: London is bigger and more cosmopolitan. Lots of different restaurants.

Does he like London? Yes, he loves London


First Impressions:

  • Hair: Quite short and dark
  • Personality: Really friendly and outgoing
  • Voice: Extremely loud and rather deep


You could start by saying:

I went to a conference the other day and I met a Chinese student called Chi. He lives in London but he’s from China...

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