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viernes, 17 agosto 2018 español
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First Impressions

1.- Introduction

In today’s lesson we are going to talk about first impressions. We are also going to focus on describing people using adjectives and adverbs.


A. Look at the following pictures. What adjectives would you use to describe the people?

Unusual/Different; Silly/Friendly; Lazy/Tired; Professional/Clever

1) crazy
2) smile
3) silly
4) lazy
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2.- Speaking Activity

Do you agree with the following statement?

First impressions are important

Why? Why not? Explain out loud (en voz alta)

Here are some expressions you can use to answer this question:

  • I believe that.....: Creo que...
  • From my point of view....: Desde mi punto de vista...
  • In my opinion.....: En mi opinión...
  • I suppose that....: Supongo que...



3.- Pre-Listening Task

A. What do you notice most about a person when you meet them for the first time?




Put the following things in order. 1 is the most important and 8 is the least important.

Hair / Body / Face / Smile
Clothes / Voice / Personality / Eyes

  1. ________________________
  2. ________________________
  3. ________________________
  4. ________________________
  5. ________________________
  6. ________________________
  7. ________________________
  8. ________________________


Why do you focus on these things?




4.- Listening

You are going to listen to four different people describing people they met at a conference yesterday.




A. Listen. What parts of the body do the speakers talk about?

E.g. Voice, smile, etc.

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B. Listen again and fill in the gaps.

1. Speaker 1

1)I met a man yesterday who was about thirty years old. He had long black hair and he had a nice smile. We talked for about twenty minutes. Very Interesting man. Very friendly.
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2. Speaker 2

1)I talked for about ten minutes to his strange woman. She was wearing these awful clotes. She had a yelow pair of troursers and pink top. She has weird. We were at a work conference and all she talked about was her boyfriend!
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3. Speaker 3

1)This woman I was talking to the conference had pretty eyes. They were blue and bright. We talked for a while about work and the company she works for. Her voice was deep for a woman, I think she smokes a lot!
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4. Speaker 4

1)I chatted to this man who works in the London office. He had a fantastic personality. We laughed a lot. But when I talked to him I didn´t know where to look as he was large.
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Check your answers!


Before you continue, make sure you understand the meaning of the words. Use your dictionary if you are not sure.

Antes de seguir, asegúrate de que entiendas el significado de las palabras. Utiliza el diccionario si no estás seguro/a.


5.- Focus on Grammar: Adverbs of degree

When you listened to the speakers describe the people they were talking to, they used different adverbs of degree. Look at the following examples:

  • She was wearing these absolutely awful clothes.
  • Her voice was a little deep for a woman.
  • He was quite large

Adverbs of degree make the meaning of the adjective stronger or weaker.


A. Look at the table and include the adverbs in the correct column.

Slightly / Fairly / Extremely / Rather
Absolutely / Completely

(Para ver respuesta hacer click en recuadro; doble click vuelve a recuadro original)



Check your answers!


6.- Position of Adverbs of Degree

Adverbs of degree go before an adjective or adverb.

For example:

  • She’s very pretty (Adverb + Adjective)
  • I don’t know him very well (Adverb + Adverb)


A. Put the adverbs in the correct place.

1)My brother can be funny (quite)
2)It´s cold today (very)
3)She´s sure she doesn´t want the job (absolutely)
4)I know him well (extremely)
5)Her voice is high pitched (rather)
6)We get on well (fairly)
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B. Look at the pictures again. Complete the sentences about each person using one of the following adverbs of degree + an adjective.

Slightly / A little / Fairly / Rather / Quite
Really / Extremely / Absolutely / Completely

1) crazy
2) smile
3) funny
4) ima
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7.- Speaking Activity

In this lesson, we have talked about first impressions. We have also looked at adverbs of degree. We are now going to use what we have learned in context.




The situation: You have just met Miley Cyrus at a party.

You tell your friend all about the experience, your first impression, etc.

Talk about her: face, hair, voice and personality. Don’t forget to use adverbs of degree!


You could start by saying:

I was at a party the other day and I met Miley Cyrus. She is really pretty......

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