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Reading 7º: A postcard

Sonido Stop

To David,

How are you? I'm fine. I'm in Florida at the moment with my family. I haven't been to America before this is my first time. I'm having such a good time!

I've been to Disney World and Epcot Centre, but I haven't been to Universal Studios yet. Yesterday I went to the cinema and guess what.. I've seen the new James Bond! It is not very good.

After the cinema we went to an expensive restaurant and I drank champagne. I had never drunk champagne before. I didn't like the champagne very much. The food here is different. So far, I have eaten hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of ice cream. The first day I arrived, I ordered a hamburger and I was amazed, the hamburger was really big. In fact, all of the food here comes in really big portions.

I've met lots of nice people here. Americans are very friendly. Yesterday my mum met somebody she went to school with. It is a really small world!

I've been to a shopping mall! Have you been to one? They are so big and they have 300 shops! I bought lots of cheap clothes: a pair of jeans, a jumper and a pair of trainers. I have to go now. We've just been on a roller coaster and I'm feeling a bit ill!

See you soon,

Love Sarah

P.S. My dad has just bought the new Jennifer Lopez album so we can listen to it when I return.


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