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Reading 25º: My country

Read the following text. Three people give advice about visiting their country in the month of January.

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My country in January is very cold. It rains frequently and sometimes it snows. It is often very windy. If you come to my country in January you should bring warm clothes, big jackets, trousers and boots. You should also bring hats, gloves and scarves because sometimes temperatures drop to minus 5 degrees. I'd also advise you to bring an umbrella!

When you are in the capital of my country you must visit the Eiffel Tower, see the Arc De Triumph, The Louvre and of course, Notre Damne. Many people say that this capital is the most Romantic in Europe.

They also say that it is one of the most expensive! Travelling, eating and accommodation is not cheap! My country is very famous for its food. We have one of the best cuisines in the world. When you are in my country you have to try foie gras, snails and frogs legs. If you have the opportunity you should try some champagne. Champagne is made in my country.


In January the weather in my country is very good. Everyday it is sunny and hot. It never rains. You don't have to bring an umbrella! The best clothes to wear are shorts and T-shirt.

My country is extremely big and so there are lots of interesting things to visit and do. Where I come from the best places to visit are Surfers Paradise and the Great Barrier Reef.

Surfer's paradise is an excellent place for people who love surfing. Surfing is a very popular sport in my country - you should try it!

The food in my country is not world famous. In summertime we have lots of barbeques and generally throughout the year we eat lots of meat pies. We love drinking beer; the most popular beer is VB.


My country in January is usually quite cold. It rains sometimes but it is mostly cold and dry. In February it snows, but not in January. You should bring with you warm clothes if you visit my country in January - thick jackets, gloves, hats and warm trousers.

I live in the capital of my country and there are lots of things to see and visit. In fact, lots of people say that the capital of my country is the biggest and most beautiful in Europe. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and The Docklands are just a few of the interesting places to visit.

I would recommend spending a week in my capital because a weekend is simply not enough. There are lots of things to see! But be careful because my country is very expensive. You even have to pay to go to the toilet in some places!

Everyone that visits my country says that the food is terrible. I disagree. I would say that our food is interesting. The typical person from my country eats food from all over the world. We don't have many typical restaurants from our country; we have Indian, Chinese, Italian and Spanish restaurants. I love going out to eat in my county because I have a great choice of restaurants to chose from.

If you really want to try the food from my country then you should go to a pub. In a pub you can try Roast Beef, shepherds pie or chicken pie. Drinking beer and cider in my county is very popular.

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