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Reading 16º: Coca Cola

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Coca Cola is drunk all over the world. 1.6 billion gallons are sold every year, in over one hundred and sixty countries.

The drink was invented by Dr John Pemberton in Atlanta, on 8th May 1886, and it was given the name Coca Cola by his partner, Frank Robinson. Frank Robinson suggested the name 'Coca-Cola' because both words named two ingredients found in the drink. They are the cola leaf and the kola nut.

In the first year, only nine drinks a day were sold. It was originally called a 'brain and nerve tonic' in Chemists. It was one of the thousands of exotic medicines sold in the 1800's that actually contained cocaine.

In 1888 the business was bought by a man, Asa Candler and the first factory was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1895. Coca Cola is still made there.

'Diet Coke' has been made since 1982, and it's now the world's most popular brand of diet soft drinks.

It is certain that Coca Cola and Diet Coke will be drunk far into the twentieth century.


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