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Reading 11º: My cottage

Sonido Stop

My beautiful cottage is 300 years old. It is in the countryside near the village of Burston, where there is a post office, a restaurant and one shop.

The cottage has two double bedrooms, a big living room, a small dining room, a bathroom and a kitchen. Downstairs there is the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room.

The living room is next to the dining room and the kitchen and bathroom are to the left of the living room.

The kitchen is very large. It has lots of appliances; it has a washing machine, a dishwasher, a fridge, a bread maker and a microwave. We also have a big garden with lots of flowers and trees.

I live in this cottage with my Mum, Dad, brother, dog and cat. My parents, brother and pets love living in the cottage. My dog because it has a big garden to play in and my cat because he loves catching and eating mice - and believe me there are hundreds!

I don't like where I live because there aren't a lot of things to do. There aren't any shops, pubs, cinemas or leisure centres. If I want any of these places I have to go to the city centre and the city centre is far!

I think that when I have enough money I am going to move to the capital of my country, London. I believe that, although I won't live in such a beautiful house, I will have a lot more things to do!

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