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Reading: Superstitions




What is a superstition?

Superstition, a belief or practice generally regarded as irrational and as resulting from ignorance or from fear of the unknown. It implies a belief in unseen and unknown forces that can be influenced by objects and rituals. Magic or Sorcery, witchcraft, and the occult in general are often referred to as superstitions. Examples of common superstitions include the belief that bad luck will strike the person in front of whom a black cat passes or that some tragedy will befall a person who walks under a ladder.


But where do these superstitions come from?

If you see a black cat, you'll have bad luck: In ancient Egypt, the Goddess Bast, was a black female cat. Christian priests wanted to wipe out all traces of other religions so convinced their ignorant followers to destroy the evil demons that were black cats.

If you walk under a ladder, you'll get bad luck: This came from the early Christian belief that a leaning ladder formed a triangle with the wall and ground. According to the Holy Trinity you must never walk through a triangle, unless you want to be considered in league with the devil.

If you spill some salt, throw it over your left shoulder to keep bad luck away: In the middle ages salt was a very precious expensive commodity. It was also used for medicinal purposes. If you spill salt you must immediately throw it over your left shoulder to strike the horrible spirits in the eye, thus preventing sickness.

Take care on Friday the Thirteen: Those who know about these things, inform us that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden on a Friday. Noah's flood started on a Friday, and Christ was crucified on a Friday. Christians also noted that twelve witches and one devil are present at Santanic ceremonies so Friday and 13 make a deadly combination.

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