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A) Completa las siguientes oraciones con el verbo en el tiempo correcto.

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1)What would happen if I this web site?(close)
2)If I were you, I that shirt, I would wait until next week (not / buy)
3)If you to Britain, you'll be able to speak English all day long (go)
4)Why on holiday with us, you'll enjoy it. (not / you / come)
5)I didn't know you were in Madrid, if I'd known, (I / call / you)
6)If you all day, you'll get burn (sunbathe)
7)I'm not tired. If tired, I'd go home now (I / be)
8)If you had been to Malta, then that they speak English very well (you / know)
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B) En las siguientes oraciones hay errores. Escríbelas correctamente.

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1)If I go with Anna to the party, I would see your brother Paul
2)If I hadn't just bought a car, I would have more money now
3)If you go to the beach you would see the sea
4)If I won the lottery I'll buy a big house with a swimming pool
5)If you need any help, please let me know
6)Where you would go if you can go anywhere in the world?
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Escribe completa las siguientes frases utilizando una palabra derivada de la que aparece entre paréntesis.

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1)I had to have some made to my shoes (repair)
2)Jack the Ripper was a famous (murder)
3)The to the theatre is on the left (enter)
4)Globalization is causing the of the rain forest (destroy)
5) are usually served during the interval of a play (refresh)
6)The food in the Chinese restaurant was absolutely (disgust)
7)Many factory workers suffer a lot of from their boss (press)
8)At the moment there are many foreign in Madrid (visit)
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