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domingo, 18 marzo 2018 español
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Ejercicios - "Present continuous" vs "Future"

1.- Escribe el verbo entre paréntesis en "future" o "present continuous" según corresponda:

1)I a meeting in half an hour (to have)
2)Which team do you think the match? (to win)
3)This evening I to the Opera with my girlfriend (to go)
4)I have studied very hard and I am sure I the exam (to pass)
5)I am sure your girlfriend you for that little fault (to forgive)
6)This afternoon my sister an interview with a head hunter (to have)
7)It's not sure but probably I with you to the party (to go)
8)If you continue disturbing the neighbours, they you (to report)
9)I feel very tired; I think I this report tomorrow (to finish)
10)I don't think that my father a new car (to buy)
11)I am sure that my train late (to arrive)
12)The condition of this patient is really bad; probably he in the next few days (to die)
13)Tomorrow we with some friends to the Town Festival (to go)
14)This winter the Annual Meeting of the G-7 place in Madrid (to take)
15)My boss in two weeks (to retire)
16)Tomorrow my mother lunch with her friends (to have)
17)As I told you before this evening we dinner with our parents in law (to have)
18)This Friday my brother back from Moscow (to come)
19)My brother married next month (to get)
20)This Friday I to Rome (to travel)
21)I am completely convinced that our candidate the next elections (to win)
22)This Sunday our CEO our regional branches (to visit)
23)Tomorrow afternoon we football with our neighbours (to play)
24)I am not feeling well; I back home (to go)
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