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Master in Science-Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology Jan 2014-May 2016
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Barranquitas

Bachelor in Science- Biology June 2009-Dec 2013
Minor in Biotechnology
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Barranquitas

Quality Assurance Technician Oct-Nov 2018
Baxter Healthcare, Inc., Aibonito, PR.
Associate Quality Control June 2017-Nov 2018
Amgen Manufacturing Limited, Juncos, PR.
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Barranquitas
− Professor Assistant Aug 2016-2017
Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology
Department of Sciences and Technology
− Lab Technician in Biotechnology Jan-May 2016
Department of Sciences and Technology
− Research/Lab Assistant in Biology/Biotechnology June 2011-Dec 2015
Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology, (ISBiot)
− Tutor
 Biology/Biotechnology, Dept. Science and Technology Aug-Dec 2015
 Sciences, Upward Bound- TRIO Program Jan-May 2015


 Advance practice in design, conduct and perform science experiments using advance analytical laboratory methods, equipment and technologies:
− Plant micropropagation, breeding, media culture and seed culture, electrophoresis (Agarose/SDS-PAGE), RT-PCR, cloning and sequencing, HPLC, GC-MS, UV/Vis Spectrometry, IR, DNA/RNA/protein isolation, quantification and characterization, phylogenic analysis, animal cells/bacteria/fungi culture, dye techniques, contract/inverted fluorescence microscopy, others.
 Skills to execute aseptic/microbiological techniques, gowning qualification and PPE, and management of biological/chemistry waste and disposal requirements for EHS compliance.
 Ability to collect, record, evaluated, organize, present and interpreted laboratory data/result.
 Experience in Manufacturing Quality Assurance, revision/approvals: In-process documentation, Product Retention Records, Control Charts, Batch Records related, and assist on the generation and investigation of non-conformities.
 Knowledge in regulatory agencies (FDA, OSHA, USDA, etc.) and compliance guidelines/process: ISO, SOPs, GMPs, GLPs and GDPs for biotechnology, biological, medical device, chemical and bioprocess product/industry.
 Practice in auditing routine manufacturing parameter and/or set-ups, product compliance, specifications, and audits of sampling techniques testing.
 Experience in QC Critical Reagents/Reference Standard Inventory management and Lab Distributions, shipping process of sample and products to US and non-US countries.
 Knowledge in computer, information systems and data analysis: Microsoft Office, PDF, oral presentations, CIMS, EDMQ, Maximo, QBMS, Trackwise, POMS, Bioinformatic tools, data scientist, internet tools and search and others.
 Strong skills to work in team and independently, tasks organization and leadership aptitude, deductive reasoning and critical thinking, dedicated, innovative, creative, quick learner and problem-solving. Effective written and verbal communication skills.

 Heavy metal stress and gene expression in plant stomata of Arabidopsis thaliana (2011-2015)
o Plant Biology, American Society of Plant Biologists, Rhode Island, USA (2013)
o 49th ACS JTM/34th PRISM, UPR, Cayey, PR (2014)
 Development of plants of Musa paradisiaca (plantain) resistant to Bemisia tabaci (2015)
 Phylogenetic Analysis of Orchids in the Center of Puerto Rico (2015-2016)
 Production of disease-free plantlets from Arracacia xanthorrhiza (2014)


Available upon request.
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