Particle "no" for possession

Content: Practice using the particle “no” for possession, Ta line of Hiragana (Ta, Chi,

                Tsu, Te, To), changing T sounds to D sounds ( Da, Ji, Dzu, De, Do)


Aim: How do I say “This is mine!”?


New Vocabulary:





waたしno (わたしの)

watashi no




watashi tachi no


nano (あなたの)

anata no




anata tachi no

your (plural)

re no (かれの)

kare no


rera no (かれらの)

karera no

their (male)

nojo no


kanojo no




kanojo tachi no

their (female)


  I. Lesson Point:


As we’ve mentioned earlier, we can show possession by putting the “no - ” particle after the subject.


Sample Sentences:


re wa waたし no nuです。(This is my dog)

Kore wa watashi no inu desu


re wa waたし noいえです。(That is my house)

Are wa watashi no ie desu


re wa waたし norumaです。(This is my car)

Kore wa watashi no kuruma desu


re wa waたしたち no heyaです。(That is our room)

Are wa watashi tachi no heya desu


na wanaたたち nonせいです。(Ana is your-plural- teacher)

Ana wa anata tachi no sensei desu


re wanojo no neこです。(That is her cat)

Sore wa kanojo no neko desu


re wareつくえです。(That is his desk)

Are wa kare no tsukue desu


re wa waたし no honです。(That is my book)

Sore wa watashi no hon desu


re wanu  noいえです。(This is a dog house)

Kore wa inu no ie desu


nojoたちwanaのせいとです。(They – female – are Ana’s students)

Kanojo tachi wa Ana no seito desu


re wa rerarumaです。(That is their – male- car)

Are wa karera no kuruma desu



  II. Mini-Quiz: (Test your knowledge):


Part A: Translate into Japanese and use Hiragana where ever possible

1.       My Dog: __________________________

2.       Your House: __________________________

3.       Their Car (female): __________________________

4.       Ana’s Room: __________________________


Part B: Fill in the blanks and use Hiragana where ever possible.

1.    _________ wa _________ no_________です。 This is my dog

2.    wa waたし no_______です。That (over there) is my house.

3.    re wa waたし no________です。 This is my car

4.    na wa__________ no____________  ____________Ana is your (plural) teacher.


Quiz Answers:


Part A: わたしのいぬ、あなたのいえ、かのじょたちのくるま、あなのへや

Part B: 1. これ、わたし、いぬ, 2. あれ、いえ, 3.くるま, 4.あなたたちの、せんせい、です


Writing Practice: Hiragana (Ta, Chi, Tsu, Te, To)




Coverting T sounds to D sounds (Da, Ji, Dzu, De, Do):


D sounds are made the same way we made G and Z sounds from the “Ka” and “Sa” lines.  Except for the D sounds we use the “Ta” line and add the tenten mark to each one.  See the examples below.




Practice writing the following words in Hiragana


1.    Student  - Seito - _______________________

2.    Tall / Expensive – Takai - _________________

3.    Small – Chiisai -  ________________________

4.    A little – Sukoshi - _______________________

5.    Shoes – Kutsu __________________________

 Socks - Kutsushita____________________


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