Exercises: The Present Perfect Simple

Complete the following, using verbs from the box:


put travel win have invent learn (2) spend cross build


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1)Since 1969 astronauts to the moon several times.
2)Since 1901 many famous scientist Nobel Prize for Physics, Chemistry.
3)Medical experts enough information to cure diseases by the use of antibiotics only since the Second Word War.
4)The Russian and the Americans several spacecraft into orbit around Mars in the last twenty years.
5)Since Alcock and Brown´s flight in 1919, millions of people the Atlantic by plane.
6)In the century scientists many new electronic devices, such as radio, television and computers.
7)For instance, many countries nuclear power stations which they use to provide electricity.
8)Doctors how to cure many diseases during the last hundred years.
9)In the twentieth century we how to use nuclear energy in many different ways.
10)Medical associations millions of dollars on research into cancer, but it is still a major cause of death.
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