Excercise: The Present Perfect Progresive - Read and complete

First read this:

David and Amy decided to spend their holiday camping in North Wales this year. They arrived six days ago (last Friday). Tomorrow they are returning home. Here are some notes about their experiences: 

Shelter - small tent

Food - sausages, tinned food, bread, etc.

Drink - water from the river

Sleep - on the ground in sleeping bags

Weather - rain (approx. 6 hours daily)

Washing - in the river (cold water)

Contact with rest of word - none

Cooking - open fire (wood)


Use the information in the notes (above) to complete the following:

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1)David and Amy (live) .
2)Amy (wash) in .
3)They (eat) .
4) David and Amy (watch TV) in the last week? No, they .
5)What David (drink) in the last six days? Water from the river.
6)It (rain)a lot since they arrived in Wales.
7) (use) a washing machine recently? No, they .
8)How (cook) their food?. They (use) a wood fire.
9) Amy (sleep) in a bed? No, she .
10)David and Amy (enjoy) their holiday.
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