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Omisión del artículo - Ejercicios

Indica que artículo habría que emplear para completar las siguientes oraciones. En caso de que no fuera necesario ningún artículo indícalo con una "N":

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1)Could you bring me glass of water?
2)Are you going to play football with your friends?
3)You can see cat lying on that roof
4)Yesterday evening I was at home because I didn't feel well
5)The Cathedral of Seville is one of the biggest in world
6)That sailing boat is made of aluminium
7) Freedom is one of the pillars of modern society
8)You can see eagles flying over those hills
9)I want to buy books for this summer
10)Theses plants need water urgently
11)In our days, car accidents are one of the main causes of death
12)I like coffee very much
13) Love can change your life
14)I visited church of St. Michael in Paris
15) Health is the first thing needed to find happiness
16)Last Sunday morning I went to church with my girlfriend
17)After doing sport I really enjoy good beer
18) party was a real disaster. People got drunk immediately
19) love I feel for my daughter is the most important thing in my life
20)What good coffee you can drink in that bar!
21) Death is the end of life
22)Can you give me piece of paper, please?
23) death of our boss has been a shock for all of us
24) Electricity is the basis of modern life
25)What weather! All day raining
26)Are you coming with me to hospital to see Peter?
27)He doesn't have any sense of justice
28)This morning I got taxi to go to work because it was very late
29)I went to school to speak to my son's teacher
30)When I drive I like to listen to music
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