Ejercicios - Should / Must / Have to

1.- Elige "Must" / "Should" / "Have to" (en el tiempo correspondiente) para completar estas oraciones:

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1)You speak to your brother and try to solve that problem
2)You come with us to the cinema; the film we are going to see is marvellous
3)You are very fat. You practice sport (consejo)
4)Please, we are in the church; you stop making that unpleasant noise (A father to his son)
5)If you want to watch TV, first you finish your homework
6)If I want to buy a new house I get a mortgage (A mother to her daughter)
7)You cannot go out with your friends. You stay at home because you have fever
8)In internal flights you check in one hour before the departure
9)I go to the bank to get some money
10)You visit Paris. What a beautiful city!
11)The doctor is very worried about my dad and has told him that he work less
12)I fill the tank; it is almost empty
13)Our teaches have told us that we be quiet during the class (A father to his son)
14)You will have exams in two weeks. You study harder (obligation)
15)(The police officer to the protesters) You leave this place immediately
16)I leave immediately; it is very late and tomorrow I have to get up early
17)In the petrol station we switch off the engine before filling the tank
18)The weather is really nice. We go for a walk
19)You to go to the dentist; you have lost a filling (consejo muy enfático)
20)You go by plane; by car it is a very long journey
21)You read more; it is very good for your education
22)Kevin, you shave yourself; you look a little bit scruffy (A mother to her son)
23)You get up; it is very late (orden)
24)Jane, you rest; you look very tired
25)The police told us that we get out of the car
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