Aprender Inglés Jugando

Ejercicios - Respuestas cortas

1.- Contesta las siguientes oraciones utilizando una respuesta corta (primera persona del singular):

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1)I like football a lot
2)I didn't go to that concert
3)I can speak English fluently
4)I have read that book
5)I am fed up with his critics
6)I don't feel well today
7)He did his homework
8)I could get a ticket for the flight
9)I cannot fix my bike
10)I went to the beach last Sunday
11)I have tidied my bedroom
12)He couldn't finish the marathon
13)I didn't pass the exam
14)He has played tennis this afternoon
15)I haven't finished my breakfast
16)I feel very sad
17)I don't like his girlfriend
18)He liked your party a lot
19)I cannot lend him money
20)I haven't been invited to the party
21)I have watered the garden
22)He arrived very late; I had already left
23)I wasn't there when the bomb exploded
24)He has spoken in the meeting
25)He isn't ready for the match
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