Ejercicios - Question tags

1.- Escribe las "questions tags" que completarían las siguientes oraciones:

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1)They were coming with you
2)Your friends will come to my party
3)My sister has gone to the doctor
4)You haven't read that book
5)Let's go to the beach
6)Switch on the light, please
7)You made a lot of noise
8)You haven't finished your homework
9)Your parents will come with us to the theatre
10)Your sister is married
11)You enjoyed the party a lot
12)She didn't pass the exam
13)You have tidied your bedroom
15)Our boss has resigned
16)The workers have gone on strike
17)It was a very good concert
18)The tournament started last week
19)The plane crashed in the mountains
20)When I arrived your brother had already left
21)The bullfighter was very badly injured
22)You couldn't help me with this translation
23)The robbers escaped with the loot
24)It was a brilliant speech
25)Peter phoned you last night
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